Taking Off The Mask

So I’ve been debating how long I’d let this go before I’d tell you who I am.  Some of you may know already who I am because you’ve seen my Twitter account before and you’ve put two and two together.  Some of you may know because of the way I write. Either way I suppose it’s time for you Black Cats to know who is writing this.

Not too long ago I was an “official” fan blogger for Sunderland.  You could go to the site every couple of weeks or every month and find something new by me.  I tried to do my best to give my opinion and at the same time not to be too harsh in order to be published.  I went through patches were things I submitted would be denied because they were a bit too sensitive or in the case of one post I did slamming Jurgen Klinsmann in particular, I was told it may not be too good for the American fans.  Now that Altidore is gone I’m certain that most American fans have left in flocks.  They probably are convinced, as I’ve seen on Twitter (lol 🙂 ) that Altidore “never got a chance, had poor service and was on a poor team so he was destined for failure.”  It’s always amusing to argue with people who don’t watch Sunderland.  When I do point out the times he did play and the complete embarrassment he was on the pitch they ask if I even watched Sunderland play…seriously?  Nope.  I’m just a former “official” fan blogger who has his own kit and watches and listens on SAFSEE but we are good. I don’t watch them.  You go back to the MLS buddy.

Then there’s that subject.  One of my favorite leagues to beat up on because it’s so easy to find faults in.  USA soccer is trying to turn it into the training ground for the national team with Klinsmann’s blessing while importing international players and paying them ridiculous wages.  Some of these players don’t deserve to be there.  Or any other league, but hey, Americans want it!

So one day last fall I submitted a blog and I didn’t get a response.  A week goes by and I was told there was someone new doing it.  So I was told he would get in touch.  It’s not happened.  So here I am after months of waiting.  I guess I could see the writing on the wall.  Plus maybe it’s better for me.  Maybe I can be a little more expressive on my own site.  I mean now I don’t have to be nice about Klinsmann which kills me to do.  The best thing we ever did for American soccer was that night in World Cup where we made Altidore trend on Twitter.  Thanks for the memories…I’m happy I could be a part of a UK trend.

So yes the mask has come off, I’m no longer official but I’m still writing…the mask is off and now so too are the gloves