Feathers – My Appreciation of a Bird Named Tux

So in case you don’t live in the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pennsylvania area, have never seen Hulu’s Behind The Mask series or don’t pay attention to minor league hockey you’ve probably never heard of Tux.  Tux is a giant penguin who represents the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, or better yet I should say he is their mascot.  What a fine mascot he is!

I have seen Tux before the series began, so I know that Tux and his friend Chad Spencer are very good at entertaining people.  Tux makes people happy to be at W-BS Pens games, no matter what the score is.  

When you first get to know Tux you learn he has this “voice.”  It’s hard to describe, but at the same time it’s perfect for what you’d think a giant penguin would sound like.  Chad invented a device that makes Tux talk and it is amazing.  I am really impressed with his huge knack for finding ways to innovate.  He comes up with skits, in fact in one episode if you look really hard and kind of stretch the screen you can see me, when he is working on some pie.  He always comes up with ways to get the kids to smile, like a battery-powered paint roller with toilet paper on the end that he can cover you in tp with.  He finds the kids in their seats and they smile.  They hear his voice, see him waive and think of him as the love able penguin he is.

But what’s amazing to me is that not everyone in the area knows Chad and Tux are on Hulu.  The arena doesn’t promote the show like one would imagine, you’d think they’d have big banners or ads inside saying “catch Tux on Behind The Mask.”  I would think the Pens would be proud to announce it, hell if I ran the team I’d be proud to have a guy like Chad.  Speaking of which there’s the talk of him leaving to go to the pros, whether it’s the NHL, NBA, NFL or MLB.  If I ran a team I’d lock him up in a contract and tell him he was next in line for my pro job then find a way to get him to the pros.  He’s too good of an entertainer and a person.  The area much less the team is lucky to have him.  I do hope he gets his shot at the pros but I hate it, I don’t want him to leave.  

Tux is such a great mascot with Chad I don’t think he can be replaced with anyone else.  I think they may have to get a new mascot after Chad goes, if he does.  Hopefully the Pens take care of Chad and do right by him, he deserves it.