Playoffs?  You kidding me? Playoffs?

I’ve kinda been swirling this idea around and giving it thought the more I watch the Rangers  in the NHL playoffs.  I keep thinking to myself that I must be into punishment especially after watching them in the first two rounds muck their way through.

I know it’s not just Rangers fans though, it’s every sports fan.  There’s some bit of us that must enjoy the misery of the ups and the downs of the season.  While your team is winning the championship mine is sitting in the dump but I’m coming back next year.  Why exactly is that?

Is it the promise of another year?  I could know my team isn’t going to win again but I’ll be back.  Is it because I’m a “true fan?”  What does that even mean?  What does that even give you?  The right to thump your chest loudly?  We are all fans of our respective teams differently and we show it in our own ways.

I’d like to believe we come back each season because there’s something addictive about the game.  There’s something that tied us to our team and to a player and every year that player is doing their best to win.  But there’s always someone else trying to make their own name on the scene.  No one plays forever, injuries occur frequently and popularity fades.  Sports can be such a nasty demanding industry.

But as fans we eat it up.  Every day on our tvs and cell phones and computers and Xm radios and tablets.  We play it on the consoles and fantasy sports.  We wear jerseys and other gear.  There’s magazines and books and trading cards and those oddly addictive Panini stickers!  How much can we want?  More!  We want interviews and quotes and videos and behind the scenes and highlights and specials.  We’re so addicted to these sports and athletes that maybe we live our dreams through them?

Do we come back every year to win with our team?  Wishing it was us?  Do we even think about it?  Or do we just slip on the jersey and turn on the game?  What’s there to think about right? It’s our team and we have to support them!  I just wonder if you knew now that your team was never going to win a Championship in your lifetime would you still support them?  There’s lots of people who would say yes right off the bat without thinking about it.  Playoffs are one thing but knowing for one day your team could claim the title, something that you could celebrate, but knowing it would never happen would you still support that team?  Sports is funny like that cause you never know do you?