I’m Sunderland How ‘Bout You?

It’s been a week since the Toronto game and I still find it hard to believe I was able to get the chance to go. I look back at the opportunity and I feel really lucky that I could be there with the other Sunderland supporters and cheer the Lads on as they fought their way back to win at BMO Field. There were things that made it absolutely great and things that I’ll never forget. I have memories that I’ll carry with me for life and a team that I’ll carry with me til I die

I look back at the blog post I wrote afterward though with a bit of intrigue and I am proud that I wrote it. I can’t believe how much traffic it got and how far around the world went. I know I’ve seen that it’s gotten well over 1500 views at this point and I’m amazed at the responses to it that have been left. I know that in various parts of this world I have people who I’ve never met that will stand beside me and drink a beer and cheer for the Cats.
 We’ve got something special as Sunderland fans and I think it was brought up in the Sunderland message boards somewhere. We are what we are. We may not compete for the league title every year we may not be in the champions league and we don’t sign the Rooneys or Ronaldos.

 What we do have is loyalty and never wavering passion for our club and that badge. I’m proud to wear that badge. I’m proud to wear that kit. I’m proud to say I’m a Sunderland fan. 

 Some will say “yeah but we are going to be fighting relegation again” or “see we are only mid-table.” When are we happy? When is it that we won’t tell other fans who are optimistic that they are just going to end up miserable? That “it’s going to be a long year?” Why? Because there’s going to be ups and downs? Who are we ?

 The spoiled of the bunch that expect everything handed to us? I’d hate to think you honestly go to a game and expect it always to be roses and champagne. If that’s what you expect I’m sure you can pick up a Chelsea shirt quite freely. Being a fan isn’t easy it isn’t meant to be. I don’t harbor any illusions and I don’t hold anything back. 

 I just get tired of people telling me how bad it is. How bad is it? We have a team we love that loves us, the owner loves the team, he loves the fans, the stadium is wonderful and we have hope. It’s not like we are playing in League One. Can we stop whining and start enjoying? Hold the flags and the scarves. Sing loud and proud. Show some damn support. I’m Sunderland how bout you?