Holding Put For A Win

Back in the 80’s Bonnie Tyler was holding out for a hero, at this point I’m just holding out for a Sunderland win, because I’m not sure when it’s gonna happen. 

I realize that before the end of the past transfer window Ellis Short dumped more money into the club in an attempt to reignite the fortunes of the Lads and fuel the team to jump off to victory.  So far so terrible.  But as we’ve seen lately, such has been the case in previous seasons as well, these terrible starts that lead to relegation battles at the end with skin of our teeth survival stories.  Hopping on the Gus Bus and fighting for survival with management by hand grenades or even following Dick to the promised land.  This has been our legacy for many years.  I mean, this is what I’ve come to understand.  

Unfortunately, instead of being able to put some money in new blood to prepare for the future we’ve had to use it to win now.  We are paying for it again this year, but it might have caught up with us in a way that I don’t know if we can pull back from.  With the years advancing on John O’Shea’s frame, we can’t rely on him to be the rock that he has been for years.  That being said, Kaboul and Coates can’t pick up that mantle and do what he does.  Putting both of them together back there doesn’t work either.  If years ago we would have been able to invest in a central defender to be his successor then this would not be a problem.  With the issues of trying to play men out wide that aren’t able to shut down their men on the wings, you have to have someone strong in the middle and Sunderland doesn’t have that.  One of the other things that I question is the use of the lone striker.  I am not sure that it’s working.  With what Dick has, they aren’t keeping the ball and the team is being stretched and losing position, turning the ball over and fighting too hard to keep it out of their own net.  I think it’s been too hard to keep possession and we’ve seen so many changes because players aren’t suited for the tactics he wants to run but he won’t change up or try to work something for what he has.  Play two guys up top.  Play Defoe in the central part of the park and let him distribute, we’ve barely seen him play as that attacking midfielder/creative forward that can get others involved.  He still has the ability to do that.  I think also he could play behind Borini who could be the central forward, why not try it?  What is there to lose?  At this point we have to find something on offense to gain an advantage because the typical isn’t doing it. Shake it up.  Once it starts rolling it is going to keep rolling.

There’s a spark there somewhere, it just has to be found.  I’m not one of those people that is going to tell you I’m questioning why I’m a fan.  I don’t question it.  I know we are going through some bad luck.  It seems to happen.  But I’ll be here and holding out for that win.