Captaining the S.S. Sunderland 

I read a headline that Sunderland’s managerial process was like a roulette table and it’s starting to spin up again.  The problem is I’m not sure who has their bets down.  I don’t know who is set to win if anyone because we’ve all put our chips on red and the wheel is coming up black.

I thought captain Dick had the S.S. Sunderland upright but now it seems we are sinking again.  One crew rows out and another rows in to try to bail out the ship, only it seems we just tread water for another season til another set of hands come along.  I can’t help but applaud the efforts of all those who kept the ship afloat.

So as the ship drifts on through the seas still taking on water without a captain to help bail it out, I look to find out why it is so difficult to keep from ever reachin port. I know we have this fancy looking hull, these deckhands that we continue to spend money on and it seems like there is an engineering and nautical structure in place.

However I only I know what I see from the outside, I’ve never boarded the ship with the captain or the deckhands or anyone else running it.  It is like watching a duck on a pond, it looks so effortless but in reality it’s legs are kicking wildly to move it.  I’m no expert on how the S.S. Sunderland works nor do I claim to be.  The only experts are those on the ship and those who are involved in running the ship.  We outsiders can criticize and yell and scream because that is our right to but that doesn’t make us experts.  Until we get into that engine room or the wheelhouse we have no idea what the problems truly are and we are merely speculating.

Truly though, I feel bad for the players at the club.  Once again, it’s another change in philosophy and another change in who is calling the shots.  I can’t imagine if every year my supervisor was changed at the drop of a hat like this and I had thousands of people judging and watching my every move.  Yeah I know I’m part of it too but I try to be a bit compassionate and at least put myself there and not be too harsh and cut some slack.  These are my Lads and your Lads and we all want to see the S.S. Sunderland make it to port without sinking.  I don’t know who will captain her, but I do know I’ll be supporting her…Ha’way the Lads!