A Super Dud

The NFL may have spent millions advertising the Super Bowl’s 50th year, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a letdown.  Like sitting down to breakfast and having to choose between Frosted Flakes or Wheaties, neither team appealed much to me.

On one side was the big story of Peyton “HGH you feel so good ” Manning and the Denver Broncos who had made their way through the AFC by dethroning the evil empire of the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game.  No one had expected Manning to hold up through the season much less to make it this far so it was no surprise when it was reported that Manning allegedly told Pats’ coach Bill Belichick this was his “last rodeo.”  

On the other side Cam Newton prepared to dance all over the Broncos after skewering the NFC and winning the NFL MVP award.  Newton made headlines this year for his superman dances and Dab celebrations all while leading the team to 1st place seed in the NFC.  His dancing was the talk of the media and he was forced to defend it nearly every time he was interviewed after a game.

Unlike years past I did not have a Hokie I was rooting for in the game so I felt no connection whatsoever to any team.  Maybe that’s why on multiple occasions I had to hold myself back from getting up.  That may be why I had to tell myself that something will happen to make it exciting.  That’s why I simply couldn’t feel like this game was the embodiment of 50 years of the Super Bowl.  If nothing else it reminded me of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory when Veruca wants a golden goose.  When she lands on the egg scale and it quickly displays that Veruca is indeed a bad egg, Super Bowl 50 would follow her down the chute to the incinerator.  

I think of all the great players who have come and gone and can only feel embarrassed for such a showing on a world stage.  A truly epic collapse for one team and large fight back for another.  Hopefully with all the money the NFL raked in from advertising and merchandising they can work on the game for next year.  If it keeps up this way it will just be a set of geese laying bad eggs and Wonka will have to keep pulling them out of the incenerator.