Discovering America’s Pastime In Game Seven

Baseball is said to be America’s pastime and on November 2, Game 7 of the World Series took the national stage. I have to admit it was the first game I paid attention to after the Toronto Blue Jays were eliminated by the Cleveland Indians in the American League Championship Series.  

There is something special or even sacred about a Game 7. Maybe it’s something that sports channels have sold fans on for years? Or maybe it’s the drama of a do-or-die game that brings out another level in players?

As I watched, I wondered if baseball could still call itself the country’s game?  

Now the sports market is flooded with the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS.  

I would argue that the NFL holds more of the American attention but after the past few years I think that’s starting to fade. After the NFL powers that be argued against the severity of concussions, started playing more games in London, struggled with domestic violence issues , introduced coaches challenges into an already lengthy game and other questionable rule changes.  After all this, I think the NFL has some serious problems.

When it comes to hockey, I am certain that is Canada’s pastime. The best players in NHL history are Canadian- Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe. The Hockey Hall of Fame is in Toronto and of course there are multiple NHL teams in Canada. In the winter, hockey is played on frozen ponds and indoor rinks throughout the Great White North.  

It’s possible that baseball is the country’s game because all you need is a stick and a rock to play. Or a bat and a ball. A just throw the ball to someone and they hit it. Fairly simple. You could play it in your backyard with just a couple of people. You don’t need a fancy ball like football. Sure soccer you just need a ball but it’s not been widely accepted in America.  

However, I don’t believe that any sport is our pastime.

America’s pastime is building up sports icons and comparing them to one another to their microscopic flaws. Taking a hammer to the statues we just built moments ago of them because underneath that jersey we find out that they are human afterall. It’s a conclusion that we cannot accept so we move on to the next phenom whose pillar towers above the rest only to sway under the pressure of a society that demands inhuman greatness.